happy friday

ok, ok, i know. technically it is already saturday, but in some parts of the globe it's still friday so......HAPPY FRIDA!!!!!

uff, at least the spider is gone 

grandmothers of the future 

oh nooo, what have they done to tony the tiger?? 

the thought of the week :p 

hahahaha i can't stop laughing!! well, what can i say?? i love this kind of jokes :p

omg!! worse than lady gaga?? is that even possible??

yeah!! you tell them!!

please, please...don't slap pandas

and my weekly reference to star wars. have i told you that i am the # 1 fan?? 



thought of the day

what happens when you think of a situation as a 'problem'?  tension, worry, disappointment, frustration are most likely to arise.

what happens if you were to think of the same situation as a 'challenge'?  now what happens if you think of it as an 'opportunity', or even a 'gift'?

think differently and, all of a sudden, your perspective changes completely.  as your perspective changes, not only does it create a different type of feeling and experience, it also affects how you handle the situation.

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happy friday

hi all,

today i'm feeling very happy, life is good and the best part is that today is friday...yay!!

if monday was a person...

 one of my spots just fell off!!

very proper advice

yes, it's done, you read it...and i'll bet you'll think of this song the all day

destroying the world in the 90's with 1.44mb

oh nooo, once is not enough

yep, you have to have manners in italy


oohhhh, isn't love beautiful??

yay!! i found nemo!!

scary cat

yay!! let's play domino :))

that moment when you realize you're *%$#

 # 1 bad ass