asian adventure: where we live

hello beautiful people,

let me tell you a bit how I end up in shanghai

I was living in london for about 2 years and although I had an amazing boyfriend, good friends, a job that I enjoyed and an entertained social life I wasn't completely happy with my life. the weather was killing me...softly but surely.
but, c'mom, for someone that have lived in madrid for 4 years with summer days from may until october and blue sky even during winter, moving to london was bound to be a disaster :p

so, I was trying to convince my guy to move abroad, I was tempting him with beautiful barcelona or even the south of france. he had other ideas though

when he told me that he would like to live in tokyo I was in shock. it was so far away, so different and I not even knew the language
but then, after I overcome the initial shock I started thinking.....hum, its so far away, so different, and I don't know the language.....butterflies started moving around in my tummy

we were making our plans, visiting tokyo (he wanted me to see if I liked it before he agreed with his new employer) and all, when he tells me that we will have to go first to shanghai for 6 months for his training.
I couldn't be more exited, another country to know from the inside. hooray!!

a few weeks ago, my dear S, now husband, (still trying to adjust to this new title :p) told me that the 6 months were shorten to 4, which means that in about two weeks from now we will be in tokyo.

so, before I leave this extraordinary and very complex city, here are some photos of where we live :))
we have a starbucks next to us, a swimming pool that makes my day, and a big court food and shopping underground where our tube station is located as well. not bad for my first experience in asia.

our building, we are on the top floor - 22nd

a small square

some green spaces around

the view from our road

the view from our windows



asian adventure: shanghai skyline

hi there,

today i've decided to introduce you to shanghai's skyline. sometimes it seems like something out of fairytale, others from the future, from sci-fi movies, etc, but never boring. and at night time it's even better.
what do you think of it?? share your ideas with us.



happy friday!!

instant upgradde

in my time it taught us to drink and smoke....times really have changed

poor kittens

i didn't want to say anything but I had my suspicions


close enough

who wants to move to norway with me?

turtle investigator is on the case

hum, I wonder....

 very, very disturbing