asian adventure: shanghai's last chapter

my time in shanghai is coming to an end. moving company packed our things, our resident permit is being cancelled and our flight to tokyo is in two days.

things are going so fast. i still remember the day i arrived, the excitement of arriving to a new city, a new country, hell... a new continent. and now, all  became in a way so familiar. going on the tube, going shopping, meeting friends...

as i said in a previous post, this city is bipolar and as such our feelings towards it. but overall it was a good experience, discover some new things about myself, about my adaptability skills and endurance, discover a new culture, it's characteristics way beyond the preconceived ideas we have about chinese people, and most importantly discover new friends that made my life so much easier.

highlights of my stay in china

  • site seeing the usual places: the bund, jing'an temple, shanghai museum, the zoo, the aquarium, and so on
  • visiting beijin, the great wall, and xi'an
  • having the real dim sum
  • listen to jazz in chinese
  • going to talks and network events such as TEDx shanghai women
  • discovering the singularities of the shanghainese traffic
  • enjoying peaceful afternoons in beautiful parks
  • discovering secret bars in shanghai
  • discovering small markets
  • having dinner in the most strange, funny and exquisite places
it's definitely been a worthy experience

with love,