happy friday......finally!!

if you see this car cutting you off, its me.....muahahahha

but i'm not that bad, i just want to hug you all

however, i decided to take classes on world domination...just in case

this is so i can focus on my world domination plan

my to do list for the world domination

a distraction while i am conquering the world 

there is no hope for the world, i have the best lawyers

planning the world domination can be very stressful, a walk in the end of the day it's just what i need 



april fool's day

yay!! it's april fools day again!!

ahh, wait, but what it is april fools day exactly??
for me it was always the day when we would play pranks to others, tell lies with no consequences because everyone knew it was allowed on that day.

did you ever stop to think from where this tradition comes from??
like most of old traditions like this one nobody knows for sure it's origins. doing a quick search on internet you will find one theory that stands out from the others.

so, apparently, back in the old days of 1548 during the council of trent it had proposed to change the calendar to the gregorian calendar which was implemented by pope gregory in 1582 (this people weren't very creative with naming things :p)

in the meantime, and because you know how french people are - they want to show how modern they are - king charles IX decided to implement the gregorian calendar in the gone year of 1564. ie, the new year would be at the 1st of january instead of the 25th of march (spring solstice in north hemisphere). the celebrations would go from the 25th of march until the 1st of april.

like always there are a few that like to resist to change and keept celebrating the new year on the 25th of march....poor fools

obviously they started to be ridiculed by all the others. french do love to play pranks on others, or so i've heard :p

and this is one of the theories on how april fools day started

for the best part of this day is to have a good time with friends and family

to help you to make the best out of this day, here it is some ideas for you to use (unfortunately none are mine, all from this beautiful place called the internet)

what prancks have you planned for today?? i would love to know, share with us