omg!! it's been almost a month since i wrote to you all. so sorry about that.
but i have a good excuse :D let me tell you

i am getting married - again!

yes, again. and with the same man.
you know, we got married in london in february just before we left to shanghai. it was a small ceremony just with our parents and our siblings and then we went to an english pub to celebrate the rest of the day with our friends.
you could say that this is enough but i am portuguese, and that means that i have a huge family and many others friends that don't live in london. so, obviously we had to have another wedding :D

and so here it is, we are getting married again late this month and i have arrived to my sweet and beautiful home town porto almost tree weeks ago to sort everything out. and when i say everything, i mean EVERYTHING!!!

it's been a crazy journey and i am loving every bit of it.

for those who are wondering my handsome fiancé/husband/love of y life is arriving from tokyo 3 days before the wedding. hopefully he will be over the jetlag by then. if not, it will be an interesting party.

so, please forgive me for my disappearance and allow me a couple of weeks until i am back fully to the blog with exciting news from my next adventure in tokyo and as well with the already familiar motivational monday, happy friday and stop & think posts. 

with lots of love