life is simple. is it??

life is simple, so they say.

this image represent all that i believe and it is the philosophy that i've been implementing for many years now. i've made many changes in my life and i'm proud to say that it's going the way that i wanted... so far.

but... i'm not an island and what happens in others people lives around me still affects me. how can i be there for them if i'm miles away?? how can they tell me everything that it's going on in their lives if i'm so far away??  how can i make others happy without making myself unhappy?? and how can i continue with my life and be the one in control of my decisions without making others unhappy?? 

until what point can i be selfish and keep making decisions and implement changes in my life that i know it will create pain and sorrow in others just because they love me so much that they cannot be without me??

is your life simple?? do you agree with the image?? how do you cope with your wantings and wishes and what others expect from you??

i really would like to hear from you.

with love,

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