be yourself..........if you dare

so, there i was sitting on the london tube listening to some very cool music (obviously) on my way to the office and reading the free newspaper that was ditched by the previous commuter and to my surprise, look what i find...

is not that i expect an award-winning journalism piece but this is just..... to much crap.
is this for real?? we see all the time in movies, series, music and even beauty magazines, how cool it is to be different, encouraging you to do what you love and stuff like that and then you read this?!

on the other hand you go home, relax in your couch and check your favourite blogs and finally you read something that it is worthy.

this portuguese women is amazing. i love the way she writes, how she puts her heart in everything she does, and the best part is that she now writes in english as well :))
i have been following her blog for a couple of years now, we never met but it seems like we are close friends.

on her today's post blue...so what? she talks about being herself and not being afraid of doing so. she talks about bullying when growing up, about how society criticizes you if you don't follow the crowd.

this is my favourite part of her post:

It doesn't matter the city of country where we live. Whats important is to stay true to yourself, because there will always be a "smart fella" pointing the finger at you, calling his friends to look at you and see the freak pass by. The secret is to not give a damn, and be happy.
I am Ana Luisa, I have oily skin, large hips, small boobs and cellulite and I just can't keep away from sweets... or carbs. I love weird lipstick colors, mixing padrons and I haven't combed my hair in three months.
I love fantasy books, chocolate mousse with chips and hip hop. I am a cat lady forever and it gets me furious when people who never had cats say that they are false and not trust-wordy. I walk in a funny way, have stretch marks in my knees and cry at every wedding I take pictures of, even if I just met the couple on that day. I like dogs but hate it when they drool on my hands. I sleep with a duvet all year long and I never remember to put on moisturizer.

now it's your turn, go to her blog and choose you favourite part, quote, word...whatever.

for those who don't now me i am a sort of a rebel. so if someone tells me that i can not wear bikini after 48 years old, i'll make sure i wear it until i am 99 years old (yes, because i am going to live until i am 99 years old....but this is another story for another time).

so, make sure you do what you want, challenge your limits and your preconceived ideas. do it like ana luisa and be yourself....if you dare :p

love you all

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