action expresses priorities - mahatma gandi

is the second time I read it in less than 1h, and I must confess that made me think about several things that have happened in my life recently and not so recently and also in what I have done.

does our actions actually represent our priorities??

in my case some yes, others no. and it is frightening to think that many things I did have nothing to do with the that I actually want and desire in life.

and I blame the "fear", it is always there
and the worst is that sometimes it is not the fear of failure, or fear of what others may think but the fear of getting what you want.
since this is the time of the year to make our new year's resolutions I think that before we do this, we should examine deep down inside what we wanted for this year and if we took the actions necessary to get what we wanted. did you??

did your actions expressed your priorities??


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