tough world

sometimes the world is just too much to handle. it can be so wearing

sometimes i just feel like giving up and accept that the world is lost. but deep down inside i refuse to believe in that and hope that people are good but are just misguided and that eventually they will find their place. in the meanwhile they can be very rude and mean to you.

i dont know what you think, but for me sometimes, as a women, i find the day to day very tough. have to be always strong and be able to handle with everything and everyone and god forbide that you show your emotions. if you do you're immediately cataloged as someone less.

i am the kind of person that always try to see situations trough a diferent perspective and try to put myself in others shoes...not today. i'm tired, exausted in fact.
i'm tired of all the confrontation just because i have a different opinion or because i'm fighting for my rights.

do we even have rights anymore?? i'm seeing the future very dark today :((

well, at least tomorrow is another day and hopefully my good mood will be back.

thanks for listening, i promise my next post will be lighter.


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