asian adventure: the begining

in the past 4 months I have been in tokyo twice for a week each time. these were my first experiences with the east culture, and how naive I was to think that this had prepared me for my trip to shanghai.
lets face it, shanghai and tokyo have as much in common as an italian and a swedish.

why am I moving to shanghai you ask??
funny story. you see, there is this guy..... I suppose you know where this is going.
to cut long story short: girl meets boy, they fall in love, they get married and them he kidnaps her to asia because of his work.

my first impression of shanghai - or better saying airchina - was of total and complete happiness when I found out that we could take two suitcases of 23kgs each plus our cabin suitcase and our purse/bagpack. oohh happy days!! had I knew that and I would have taken another bag :p

my second impression was when leaving the airplane
it was the twilight, the sun was on the far horizon getting ready to bed and I couldn't be more excited to be travelling to this far land and then it hit me....that impact of polluted air on my face (and this is on a time when the city has been having good days).....ohh dear!! what am I getting into??

we were lucky to have a car waiting for us to take us to our apartment, or so I thought.
yes, all that you have heard before about traffic in shanghai is true.....it is f*cking chaotic. cars take over through the right, mopeds don't have light, so you only see them when they are next to you, drivers horn all the time (still haven't find out why....under investigation).
for a couple of times I truly thought we where going to crash, we didn't. it seems that inside all of that chaos there is a certain organization.

shanghai is full of high buildings - to say the least, so I don't know why was I surprise to find out that our home for the next 6 months is located on the 22nd and last floor of the building.
this is not an artistic photo, is just to give you an idea how tall the building is and that it is not that tall compare to others around.

and this was just my first 24h in the country, since then many others crazy and excited things have happened that I am dying to tell you on my next post. stay tune :p

ps: with so much happening, not sure if one post a week will be enough.....we'll see

lots of love


  1. and it is not the tallest residential building here :))