i'm back!!

my dear friends

it's been a long time since I last post but I had a very good reason for that, as some of you might know.
many things have happened and are still happening in my life since end of last year.
to give you a small update:
quit work
moved from london to wales to live with boyfriend
dec holidays in japan where he proposed
prepare 1st wedding (yes, I am one of those who will have two weddings :p)
move back to london
get married
prepare moving to shanghai
trip to tokyo to sort out last minute issues
finally arrived to shanghai

so I hope you forgive me for letting you so many weeks without happy friday or even a motivational monday.
but worry not, those days are over.

I am currently working on a few posts not only for the already well known regular posts motivational monday and happy friday but also a weekly post on wednesday on my asian adventure.

so I will see you soon

lots of love

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