asian adventure: easter weekend in beijing part I

after two weeks in shanghai we have decided to venture to the capital of this massive country. was it a good idea?? maybe not, but it was worth it

i'm one of those lucky girls (or maybe not) that have married someone just like her, this means that we have arrived to the airport almost 3 hours early for a domestic flight. before you start laughing, lets face it, its a new country, totally different culture than yours and you don't speak the language....you would've done the same (maybe you wouldn't....you can laugh now)
on the other hand, the lady book us on the early flight, so we arrived to beijing 2h early.....hurray!!

you would've thought that two weeks in shanghai has given me the knowledge to get around in beijing. well, it did, but beijing puts things into a different level. let me tell you why

1. in shanghai every time you enter the subway you have to go through security like in the airport, this is, they scan your purses and any sort of bags you might have; in beijing you also have to go through a metal detector.

2. i haven't visited that much of shanghai but the places i have been to, i just had to pay the entrance fee and show it at the gate; in beijing you also have to go through the scanning of your belongings, go through a metal detector and also that hand scanner that you can see on the photo below. this has happened to us on pretty much everywhere. not only in places like the forbidden city, the tiãn'ãnmén square but also to enter in one of the parks we visited.

3. omg!! i never seen people pushing everyone so much as when we were waiting to go through security in these places. the personal bubble does not exist in this part of the world.
imagine this: a bottleneck where everyone is in a rush to go through so they keep pushing and the security guards are not allowing more than one at a time to go through the metal detector just to reach the other side and relax at the park...

this is definitely very odd and it can be daunting at some point, at others very funny. i confess i still don't know the reasons why to this over security but it could be something to do with this. i will leave my thoughts on this to other time

all for now...more to come later :))


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