asian adventure: jing'an temple

last week i've decided to start my research about the city, and what best place to start than jing'an temple.
this is a place that it is well known to anyone living or just passing by in shanghai as it names one of the most important metro hubs in the city

this is one of the most famous temples in shanghai due to is jade buddha and in 1983 it was put on the list of key national protection.

jing'an temple was originally built in 247 AD during the three kingdoms dysnaty next to the bank of wusong river, lately it was moved to this actual location during the southern song dynasty in 1216. when built the temple was named hudu chongyuan temple but in 1972 a famous calligrapher decided to rename it to jing'an and it remains its name until now. 

unfortunately the temple that we see today is not the original one as it was burnt to ruins in a big fire in 1972. the reconstruction started in 1984 and in 1990 the temple finally opened to public

a well-known master piece in the temple is a bronze bell made during the ming dynasty (1368-1644). i wasn't able to take a picture of it as the bell tower was closed on the day of my visit.
fun fact: the bell's name is jing'an peace bell, it weights about 7.3 tons and the lingering sounds created when it is struck can last over 3 minutes.

the temple entrance

 the main court yard

the jade buddha

when the old and new get together

the tower bell

a temple priest

a detail from one of the roofs

jing'an temple at night


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