asian adventure: easter weekend in beijing part II

you know, we found the most curious thing in beijing and it wasn't the scorpions on a stick like a lolipop. it seems that couples like to dress alike.yeah, you read right... they dress alike :p
here's some examples:

gui jie street

entrance of the great wall

yonghegong lama temple

outside forbiden city

in the two nights we spent in beijing we decided to go to the most famous places to have our meals.

on the first night we went to a street called gui jie street. this street is considered one of the most photogenic streets in beijing and I guess it wasn't that difficult to gain that status when all the buildings have thousands of neon lights. ok, maybe not thousands, but you could definitely get a tan if you stick there for a while :p
in this street you can find over a hundred restaurants offering all types of chinese cuisine. the most interesting is that these restaurants have stalls outside so that people can wait for they turn and in some cases we saw around 20 people waiting to go in just one restaurant. but don't get me wrong, pretty much all of them had people waiting to go inside.
while customers are waiting for they turn to have a delicious meal, restaurants offer then water and sunflower seed so that they can entertain their stomachs in the meantime. the side effect is that the street was filthy with all the shells on the floor.

just a few minutes of walking down the street we saw this....no words and have no idea what it was

we have chosed to have a hot pot. men, it was delicious!!!
the way that it works is you choose the type of soup (level of spiciness and the  the flavour) and then the ingredients. we choose tofu, two types of mushrooms, chinese leaf, fish, bamboo, and other things that I can't remember. end result......yummy!!

on the last night we went to the famous wangfujing street, aka "snack" street, a very small, narrow, pedestrian street

right in the start (at least from our point of view) we saw a show of a traditional chinese woman singing. I found out later that it might not be a woman, it seems that it is traditional for men to dress like that for these type of performances. very odd :))

and all of the sudden we see lots and lots of food stalls, one next to the other and selling the most amazing and different types of food that I ever seen.
most of the people that I see they were eating some sort of chicken "kebab" (not sure if it's how it is called), there was .....kebab of fruits and several other delicacies.

you see this lady face?? not very happy for taking her a photo, others even showed me a board saying in englisg "no photos".so no photos of spiders

but not to worry, here some of the photos of the scorpions and other treats

yeah, i bet you think it was very cool to see all of this. well, for me it wasn't.
first the street smelled awful, even the locals were complaining; second we didn't see any locals eating any of this treats, so we kind of lost our courage of trying the scorpions; but the worst part was that they impale some of these creatures still alive just because. maybe they think that this way people will buy it more. who knows.
i just thought it was cruel. i was recording a video to show it to my family when I have noticed that some of them were alive. it wasn't very nice.

apart from that, already wanting to come to beijing?? in that case you will love the next post about the great wall of china, the forbiden city and all the other places that we have been.

lots of love

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